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Portable Commercial Dome Tent For Outdoor Event

    1,size: 30*20m,custom design. TF-IT04; 
    2,material:light weight fabric,by stitching; 
    3, Building/Venues for holding commercial events and parties,such       as beers festival,dance party,sports races, meetings,swim pool cover  etc, portable temporary shelters with sponsors banner panels;                                         
    4,one time pumped/airtight,can be made sewing style,automatically installation,3-4persons in 1-2hours;
    5,lead time: in 7-12days.

Portable Commercial Dome Tent For Outdoor  Event :

Large dome building, heavy duty dome, outdoor building, commercial, portable, inflatable marquee,

 industrial, washable, easy assembly, water proof, custom design,growing.

More similar / related models for reference or helps with new ideas:


Heat sealed style (airtight)

1,shapes: Square, Cube, Dome,Arch,sector,Pyrimid or House; Inflatable walls or frame tube structure

2,workmanships: airtight/heat air sealed; or sewing with blowers all the time; All joins/welds to be double reinforced and the auto-air release valve to be fixed for our tent. Each tent will be tested outside from 2-24hours before shipment,in case of any quality problems,easy to be fixed in our factory. All tent must make 3D for confirmation before the production. 

3,assemble: automatically when pumped/blowed up, it's fast and easy

4,anchor system: D rings with ropes fixed to tie weight + sand bags fixed at corners of bottom.                                                                                                                                                             5,Can resist max level 8 wind.(material can stand temperature -25 to 55degrees has Certifications) Both material tent water proof and fire resistant.

6,maintain or installation, has document or see the website company news.

7, inside can install lights,cable,conditionair or even can make kitchen room to cook meals(we did one for Dutch client years ago),artworks or logos,according to your needs

8,if has a hole/punctures that air leaking, just use the spare patches with glue to repair it,or sewing by threads after 20mins it working again

9, advantages compare with traditional building or structure such as made by stone/steel/aluminum: fast and easy setup(minutes or hours), movable and foldable,                                          safer(zero death even no injury in the past or future,cause it's full of soft air and material), 5-20times cheaper.

10, applications/adaptablitity of tent: Temporarily shelter, for events, parties,army,medical,for animal like dogs,camping,activtitive programs,advertisment, trade show,photo/project/movie room,3-8years  24hrs/365days medium and long term purpose, storage etc.

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