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GuangZhou Topfun  Industry  Co.,LTD

About us


  We are an active entertainment properties factory based in Guangzhou city, South China that for the last decade has been providing our products or designs for some of the world's most fun indoor and outdoor events, such as running races,beer fastivals,obstacle races,zoo projects,shopping mail parks,school activities etc in North America,Middle East,South-East Asia and Europe. Our Missions is to make your events effing awesome for promotion or business, and have a lot of fun.                                                                                                                                               image.jpeg

 We will do every efforts to cooperate and coordinate with you that to be your best consultant and supplier for indoor & outdoor entertainment equipments. We are not only provide inflatable properties/entertainment equipments,promotion inflatable properties, but most important, that we will work the way to save your time and money!   Just tell us your ideas, we will gather our team with all the information and properties to get ready a design or what's we can get based on our experience in the entertainment industry, to make happen of the business or event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
You can Shoot us an email [email protected] or go on this website called Contact US that whatsapp online communication, thank you for your interesting and inquiry !


                                                                       Products and Materials Certifications:


                                                  Company Busines License.jpg

                                    Company business license issued by the industrial and commerce of China Gov


                                             CE certificate of inflatable games.jpg


PVC tarpaulin EN71-2-3 2012.pdf Production PVC tarpaulin material CE certificate, from Plato chemical material factory

701-1 GZIN1502006276PS flame test report.PDF   PVC tarpaulin material 6PS,flame resistant,pull density report from Plato chemical material factory

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